I’ve just completed a new custom tapestry using only cream and teak – colours which are quite unusual for me to work with. I’m pleased with the way it turned out and will be sending it off to it’s new home soon.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested in having a custom piece woven to your colour choices, drop me an email.

Tapestry for Katrina

Tapestry for Katrina

The weather has been wonderful in Glasgow recently – very sunny and warm. It’s not exactly scarf weather but this won’t last forever! I just finished a collection of scarves I’ve been working on for a pop up gallery coming to Edinburgh this August organised by Saltmarket Design. This will be my first time showing at such an event,  I’m looking forward to it and hope you like my new work!

Aqua scarf on the loom

Aqua warp on the loom


Aqua scarf on the loom.


Threading the heddles.


Summer weaving / loom shadows.


Striped scarf warp.


Striped Scarf.

Aqua Scarf.

Aqua Scarf.


Orange Scarf.

Pale pink and mint scarf.

Pale pink and mint scarf.

I have been busy behind the scenes recently and not had time to update the blog. I’m weaving a collection of scarves which will be for sale in Edinburgh through the festival in August at a pop up shop and gallery organised by Saltmarket.

If you’re in Edinburgh during the festival I highly recommend popping along to the centrally located gallery at St Andrews Square – it’s sure to be a good show!



I’m constantly inspired by other artists and designers also working with weave as a medium. The abundance of original work being shared online is a treasure trove for any lover of woven textiles. I discovered the wonderful tapestry weaving of Kate Bieschke through Instagram and have fallen for her playful and experimental fibre works.

Here Kate shares an insight into her working process and a few of her beautiful tapestries. Enjoy!

My normal day weaving starts off with a cup of coffee and looking over the progress from the day before. I’ll sit in my makeshift studio space and organize the yarns and other materials I’m hoping to use and reflect on any ideas I may have thought of just before bed. I have five frame looms, differing in size and shape, in which I have projects in various stages of completion. On my extremely large looms I’ll have projects that will “sit” while I think about how I want to continue with them. Some weavings feel like they will never be done, like when I made “Beast”. The process to make the shag was quite time intensive and I like having other pieces to bounce between. For me, it opens up my process greatly, helping me connect ideas and techniques. I will occasionally sketch out ideas, especially if I’m feeling stuck I’ll fill a few notebook pages with patterns, but I do tend to work more intuitively. I enjoy incorporating different materials into the pieces and seeing how that will affect the weaving. My inspiration comes from everything I’m surrounded by; I have made weavings that remind me of the fog rolling in on the California hills I live near. I’m quite inspired by costumes and traditional clothing, painting and my fellow peers. Of course Sheila Hicks is hands down amazing but I really have been drawn into this contemporary community of weavers and makers I’ve found across the globe and connect through Instagram or other forums. It really drives me further seeing others create and be so ambitious. I follow a woman who dyes her own fabric for quilts and she’s really sparked my interest in natural dyes. I just recently used turmeric to dye four pieces and I’m looking into the process to dye with indigo. Those connections really help drive my process and keep me making. 


The Beast 



Gold Drop




Joshua Tree



Kate, like myself has also been experimenting with polymer clay and has a line of handmade necklaces. We recently swapped a necklace with each other through a mutual appreciation of our work. It’s a lovely feeling to share and expose work in this way and to know one of my pieces is now in California. Here is my necklace made by Kate.




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